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Do you want to get serious with your running?

You train smart, you train well. Tracking your step count, step frequency, distance, speed, and time allows you to see where improvements can be made and when you should be careful to prevent injury.

The SmarTracks Athlete app gives you the accurate running data you need. Whether you need it for every 5K or every 5 meters.

Connect with your track

SmarTracks Athlete is a running app for short-, medium- and long-distance running.

You can easily think “This is just another running app”. You would be mistaken.

Yes, this app does provide the usual GPS-based tracking. But that is not all. This app allows you to connect with your track. The app has unique timing technology when using it on a SmarTracks Location. All over the world, tracks are being built with the timing technology of the future. With this app, you can use that timing technology for free.

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How does it work?

You can use the SmarTracks Athlete app anywhere you want to run, whether it is on your club’s running track or on the streets.

For long-distance free running the SmarTracks Athlete app uses GPS-tracking.

For on-track running on a SmarTracks Location, SmarTracks Athlete communicates with the track’s invisible, built-in Timing Gates to give you an unseen timing precision. This makes it uniquely suitable for training short- and medium distance running.

Simply put the smartphone at the height of the lower back, and the app will measure all information you need to perfect your training. After your run, you see your results immediately.

One App – Two Options

Record Run

Record Run

If you run on a SmarTracks Location, choose the Record Run option. It will give you:

  • distance
  • time
  • speed
  • number of steps
  • step frequency
  • accurate interval data.

The app has a built-in SmarTracks Location finder, which allows you to look for the nearest track.

Free Run

Free Run

If you run on the street or a running track without our Timing Gates, choose the Free Run option. It will give you:

  • distance
  • time
  • speed
  • step frequency.

Why we built the app

We are passionate about good, reliable data. And we believe there is a lot of room for improvement in track-and-field technology. So, we wanted to make sure the latest timing technology is accessible for every serious athlete.

This app allows everyone to track their runs with millisecond precision, whether it is a sprint or an endurance run. This way, high-end performance is supported with high-end technology.

This app puts accurate knowledge of your skill in your hands, and we hope you use it well.

The advantages at a glance

Professional training documentation and control
Exact time measurement
Intuitive user interface
Accurate data for short-, medium- and long-distance running
Accurate data for short-, medium- and long-distance running


If you want to know more about how the app works, check our SmarTracks Athlete user FAQ. Or you can just try it yourself: Get it on iOS or Android!

Connect with your track, and experience an unseen timing accuracy.